Deposit Return Scheme

by mhairimcfarlane

Diffley Partnership were commissioned by global reverse vending leader, TOMRA Collection to conduct a public survey exploring attitudes towards the introduction of deposit return schemes across the UK.

Deposit return schemes are already established in many countries where they are helping to reduce litter and improve recycling rates. The polling showed that 75% of those surveyed across the UK said they support the introduction of the deposit return scheme. It also found that:

● Nine in 10 would use a DRS to return empty beverage containers. 60% believe a single DRS running across the UK would be most effective.
● More than eight out of 10 people (85%) say that litter is a problem in their area.
● 81% have already made changes to their lifestyle to help tackle climate change – with two-thirds (66%) worried about the impact of climate change.

Our Research Manager, Mhairi McFarlane said:
“It is clear that environmental concerns are on the public’s minds, with more than two-thirds reporting they are worried about the impact of climate change., and that the the vast majority view litter as a problem across the UK, In that context it is perhaps unsurprising that three quarters of Scots support a Deposit Return Scheme and 90% would use such a scheme at least sometimes.”