Understanding Business

We are hugely excited to announce the launch of Understanding Business. Created in partnership with 56˚ North, this new quarterly survey tool provides timely, reliable and regular data on Scotland’s businesses.  You can read the report here.

In this issue, recruitment raises critical issues for Scottish businesses. One in every two respondents states that they attempted to recruit in the last three months. However, most report a lack of skilled applicants.  

This news comes as businesses struggle to stay afloat during the cost of living crisis. More than 40% of Scottish businesses surveyed expect profitability to fall in the next year and almost half of firms expect economy to worsen in next year. Concerns continue to mount for businesses, with over three in five reporting more concern with inflation and taxation now than three months ago, and two in five reporting more concern with business rates, business survival and interest rates. 

Want to profit from more insights? Read our report for more information on sampling, methods and findings, and stay tuned for our next release in August.