What we offer our clients

Our business tagline- “From Many Voices to Smart Choices”- is a neat way of summing up our work and why it matters.  

But what are our services as a full-service research and consultancy agency?  

Last year we asked an associate to interview a number of our key stakeholders, including a number of our clients. A strong finding from this work was the high regard stakeholders had for our staff’s expertise, skills, and the quality of our work. However, it was apparent that a number of stakeholders, including even some current clients, did not fully appreciate the range of services we offered.  

Re-developing our website has given us an opportunity to better lay out our services. You’ll see that we largely groups these under three headings:  

We are conscious to strike the balance of giving you enough technical detail but avoiding the use of our industry jargon.  

Another way to explain our work is to share examples of our previous work for clients. Given that we have successfully delivered over 270 projects we have a wealth of examples from which to choose.  

You will see from our examples that we work for public, private and third sectors. We research on a huge range of topics, spanning society, the environment, and the economy.  

We have picked out key details such as the client, key research methods, what we delivered, and how the research made a difference.   

Updating you is important for the future of our business; explaining our full range of services and sharing relevant examples which bring our services to life. What’s more, what we do is always shaped by our learning, best practice and your feedback. We develop our existing services but we also innovate new services, such as Understanding Scotland and Understanding Business 

Contacting us you can be reassured that we tailor our recommended approach to your needs. Of course I would say this, but let us prove to you why choosing Diffley Partnership is the smart choice to make! 

by annmariebastianelli