Scottish Police Authority

The Scottish Police Authority (SPA) commissioned the Diffley Partnership to conduct polling of over 1,000 citizens in the Greater Glasgow area to provide us with additional evidence on public views, attitudes and insights into what residents thought of their police service’s approach to COP26 over this period of very visible and intense policing in their city. 

Online polling is a valuable tool for gathering public opinion and offers several advantages, such as the ability to reach a wide and diverse audience quickly, including in remote and rural areas. We can also target specific postcode areas, allowing for more localised surveys that can provide valuable decision-making insights.  

Comprehensive analysis is a crucial part of online polling. By transforming the collected data into actionable insights, we can extract meaningful information and understand public opinion more effectively.  This helps our clients make informed decisions, shape policies or improve servers based on the feedback received.  

5 Key Takeaways

  • 60% of respondents supported the policing approach of Police Scotland during COP26 
  • Women were more supportive than men at 61% compared to 58% 
  • 77% thought that policing campaigners and protestors at events like COP26 was a difficult challenge for the police 
    • 63% thought Police Scotland had performed well in making sure marches and protests during conference were well organised 
    • 65% said Police Scotland had done well in making sure that those on marches and protests were allowed to make their voices heard 
    • 56% thought Police Scotland had done well to limit any additional disruption caused by peaceful but unlawful protest tactics such as road blocking 
    • Only 3% of respondents had direct experience of participation in events, protests or marches related to COP26 

Key services used for project

  • Sampling
  • Quantitative
  • Research tools design
  • Report writing
  • Data visualisation
  • Questionnaire design
  • Region-specific sampling


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