Understanding Scotland – Economy February 2024

Amidst economic uncertainties, perspectives from the latest wave of Understanding Scotland reveal nuanced attitudes amongst Scots. However, a prevailing sentiment holds firm: a majority of Scots believe Scotland is heading in the wrong direction, matching the highest percentage seen in the Understanding Scotland series in May 2023.

Healthcare and the cost of living once again occupy top slots in public priorities, with poverty and inequality, the economy, trust in politics, and housing also prominent concerns. The constitution and devolution is at its lowest level of priority amongst the public since the beginning of the series.

Age remains a salient factor in shaping priorities, with healthcare concerns peaking among the oldest demographic and cost of living/inflation worries dominating younger generations’ outlook.

Economic priorities exhibit remarkable stability, with cost of living and inflation maintaining their top spots. However, this stability masks pronounced age-based disparities, with younger demographics prioritising cost of living concerns at higher rates, while older generations lean towards public service spending and managing public finances.

Scots’ economic outlook remains tinged with pessimism, with a majority expressing the belief that conditions will deteriorate further. The ongoing cost of living crisis propels Scots to adopt various coping mechanisms, reflecting a recalibration of spending habits in the face of uncertainty.

Attitudes towards safety nets reveal a widespread recognition of collective responsibility and employer accountability in ensuring societal support systems. There is also consensus on the interconnectedness of personal well-being, work performance, and long-term societal implications, underscoring the importance of addressing immediate needs for a sustainable future.

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by haleybarnes